Hi Dan,

We would like to introduce you to IDG.

Interactive Design Group speaks tech. At our inception in 1997, we helped usher companies into the 21st century by using VR technologies and interactive practices. Today, our firm utilizes the latest in 3D modeling and visualization software to assist our clients with envisioning their buildings and spaces.
You dream it, we’ll help you get there.

IDG is local practice that is intentionally positioned as a ‘non-specific’ architecture firm.
We believe that too much familiarity with one particular sector can result in the misapplication of subconscious patterns and prototypes. The result of which, may be a failure to address the unique needs and challenges of each individual project.

Adaptable minds lead to exceptional spaces.

Our focus has always been our clients. Their needs, their schedules, and their budgets drive our work. At the end of the project, IDG will have supported you in designing a space tailored to meet your needs. Ultimately, it's you and your team that will use it. 
Your satisfaction defines our success.

We thank you for your time.
For more information please feel free to explore our website.