Project Architect

What inspired you to be an Architect?

"My whole life I have had a passion for makings things. It started as a kid, playing with Legos or building toy race car tracks out of paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes. In high school, I ended up taking a drafting class, and loved it so much that I took 3 more. I loved seeing how things were put together and it just stuck."

What does your perfect Saturday look like?

"My perfect Saturday would include waking up early to head to a local farm to pick fresh berries, then I would head to Angels of Assisi and take one of their dogs on a hike. I really enjoy hiking, playing tennis, and being outside. I would end my Saturday by watching the sunset over the Blue Ridge Parkway with my girlfriend, Breanna."

PAST: Alex was born and raised in Matthews, North Carolina. Living in close proximity to three generations of family, he is very close with them. Growing up he enjoyed watching and playing baseball, along with his family. He graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2015, and went on to obtain his North Carolina Architecture License in 2017, Alex earned his Virginia Architecture License in 2019. 

WORK: Alex's has a keen eye for the technical aspect of architecture. Through technology features such as Revit, Skecthup, AutoCad and the Adobe Suite, Alex has learn to utilize these programs to create more innovative work flows. His passion for numbers and analysis has allowed him to gain a better understanding of processes and how something works within the realm of design. 

PLAY: Alex enjoys being outside so living in Virginia's Blue Ridge suits him well. He enjoys hiking, tennis, and photography. Alex is also extremely service minded, serving on the AIA Blue Ridge Board of Directors, on the finance committee of his church, and lends his valuable skills to Habitat for Humanity and the Renovation Alliance.

301 6TH STREET, SW | ROANOKE, VA 24016 | (540) 342.7534

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