Chief Financial Officer

What's the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

"When I was 16 my father once said to me “Are you going to think, or are you going to stick your head in the fire just because all of your “friends” say it’s a good idea?” Although I was annoyed at the time, I now understand the importance of being an independent thinker and how helpful it is to question."

What is a slogan for your life?

“Brighten someone’s life every day!” - Life is tough, and we are all often so lost in this fast-paced and crazy world that we forget to just stop and breathe. Taking the time to laugh with someone every day can bring that much needed break and an always appreciated smile!"

PAST: Jill was raised in Franklin County on a 450 acre dairy farm, which is still active in its 7th generation today. Those roots of hard work and dedication are never far from her mind. She graduated from Mary Baldwin College with a degree in Business Administration. Jill has worked in the construction industry all of her professional life. She served as assistant project manager and contract administrator for a local contractor. Those foundation years in construction sharpened her ability to multi-task, manage complex schedules, and focus on the immediate needs of the person with whom she is interacting. 

WORK: Jill’s role at Interactive Design Group consists of business strategy, financial planning, and business development. Her strengths are many, but everyone benefits from her personality and love of social interaction. Every client, contractor, or consultant is greeted with her warm, sunny, informal disposition and her wish to lift someone’s spirits with a smile.  Jill creates enthusiasm in others and is good at developing energy and excitement within a group.  She believes relationships are cemented by genuine character and compassion for others.  Her best day is one when she has made even the smallest positive difference in someone else’s day.         

PLAY: Jill approaches her free time with the same positive gusto that serves her well professionally.  She is equally happy in fancy shoes ready to paint the town as she is in ratty jeans ready to dig in the dirt.  Jill’s heart is in the land and she is always prepared to roll up her sleeves and pitch-in on the farm. Her family is of the utmost importance which is evident throughout the IDG office.  When not farming, you might find her curled up next to the fire with a book and a cat, or enjoying a relaxing trip to the beach with her husband.  She also enjoys spending time with her dog Buddy who was inherited from her late father. Wherever Jill is, you can count on the fact that she will offer an extra pair of hands and a smile when needed.