Vice President

What do you enjoy most about being an architect?

"Drawing was one of my favorite childhood hobbies and I have continued to enjoy it throughout my career. I enjoy drawing all types of spaces and buildings, but find the most satisfaction in providing the owner an image that allows them to understand the style of their design."

What is your favorite movie, and why?

"North by Northwest - Alfred Hitchcock is one Hollywood's greatest directors and it has a great cast. The movie takes place in the late 1950s when the way people dressed and traveled was very stylized. As a lover of steam engines and passenger trains, the scenes on the train are my favorite."

PAST: Stephen was born and raised in the Roanoke area. Later his family moved to Franklin County where he resides today. He attended Old Dominion University where he studied engineering and later "found his way to architecture", as he likes to say. After ODU, Stephen returned to Roanoke and began his architectural career "on the boards" where he developed a golden touch with the pen and pencil. His sketches and hand drawings are regarded as works of art. Stephen went on to earn an architecture license through his many years of experience in the profession.

WORK: Listening to a client is one of Stephen's top talents. He believes that thoroughly understanding a client's needs, and the needs of the community, is the key to delivering an enduring and functional final product. He strives to provide designs that fit within the project's environment and will benefit the community. Stephen truly understands architectural proportions. His projects are always visually well-balanced and fit harmoniously within their surroundings.

PLAY: Just walk into Stephen's office and you will see a diversified play zone. From the amp under his desk to the full set of golf clubs in the corner, he is always ready for a jam session or a round of 18. He is also a huge sports fan and particularly enjoys Virginia Tech football games. Stephen, a movie aficionado, has an in-depth movie collection, numbering in the hundreds, that often doubles as the office's internal Netflix.